What Video Editors Do Most YouTubers Use? 2023

Creating awesome videos on YouTube requires good editing software. I mean, who wants to watch rough, unpolished videos these days?

Viewers expect solid production value. As a YouTuber myself, I’ve explored which video editors seem most popular among top creators on the platform.

Here’s the scoop based on my personal experiences and observations.

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Adobe Premiere Pro Best for Video Editors

This powerful editor from Adobe is used by a ton of successful YouTubers. It lets you do just about anything – cut clips precisely, color grade like a pro, work with complex audio, and way more. Big channels like Casey Neistat use Premiere Pro to give their vlogs that slick style. There’s a learning curve though.

What Video Editors Do Most YouTubers Use
What Video Editors Do Most YouTubers Use

When I first opened Premiere, it felt overwhelming with so many panels and tools. But once I practiced the basics, it started to click. Now I love how flexible and deep it is. If you’re willing to invest time in learning it, Premiere can take your videos to the next level.

Final Cut Pro

For Mac users, Final Cut Pro is a top choice used by many YouTubers. Its interface feels quick and streamlined. I really like the magnetic timeline that lets you snap clips together easily. Apple packs in tons of effects, titles, audio tools, and more – everything is at your fingertips.

I have a couple YouTuber friends who edit exclusively with Final Cut. They can punch out amazing-looking videos so efficiently. When I watch their travel vlogs I’m blown away by the production value. For Mac-based creators, Final Cut is definitely a go-to editor.

What Video Editors Do Most YouTubers Use
What Video Editors Do Most YouTubers Use

YouTube’s Own Video Editor

Don’t overlook the free editor built into YouTube itself! For quick and simple edits, it gets the job done nicely.

I use it sometimes for minor cuts or adding some basic effects. The convenience of direct YouTube integration is awesome – shoot on your phone, upload the clips, then edit and post the final video without leaving the app.

For my daily vlogs, YouTube’s editor handles my needs, especially when I’m in a rush. While not incredibly powerful, don’t dismiss it as an easy option.

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Gaming-Focused Editors

Gaming channels have their own favorite editors too. I have a few gamer friends who use HitFilm Express to produce amazing Fortnite and Call of Duty videos.

The software has cool features just for gamers like advanced color grading, support for 4K, and built-in audio cleanup tools.

And it’s free! Another one called DaVinci Resolve also gets used a lot for eSports and streaming content. It can make game footage look so slick and cinematic. Not bad for free software!

Free and Simple Editors

When first starting out on YouTube, complex software can be intimidating. Many new creators use free, easy-to-use editors like iMovie, VideoPad, or Shotcut.

They allow you to do basic cuts, transitions, titles and simple effects without a steep learning curve.

What Video Editors Do Most YouTubers Use
What Video Editors Do Most YouTubers Use

As a beginner YouTuber last year, I used iMovie on my iPhone to edit my first bunch of videos. Was I producing Hollywood masterpieces? No way. But these entry-level editors let you start creating videos immediately as you build skills over time.

Wrapping Up

Alright, that wraps up my overview on what editors seem most popular with YouTubers and why. Hopefully it gives you some ideas on what you might want to try as you grow your own channel! Just remember – mastering video editing takes regular practice.

But with the right tools and patience, you can produce professional-looking content that wows your audience!

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Q: What’s the best free video editor for beginner YouTubers?

A: Great free options for starters are iMovie, Shotcut, or YouTube’s own built-in Video Editor. They allow basic edits and exports to get beginners up and running.

Q: Does Adobe Premiere Pro work on Mac or is it PC only?

A: Premiere Pro is available for both Windows and macOS. It’s a top professional editor used widely by YouTubers on either platform.

Q: Can I edit YouTube videos on my phone?

A: Definitely! Apps like InShot, Adobe Premiere Rush, and iMovie for iOS allow editing clips on your iPhone or Android device. Very handy for vloggers and mobile creators.

Q: Which editors are best for gaming YouTubers?

A: Gaming creators often use HitFilm Express and DaVinci Resolve which have features tailored for game footage and streams.

Q: Is Final Cut Pro worth the cost for YouTubers?

A: For serious full-time YouTubers on Mac, Final Cut Pro is likely worth the one-time investment. The workflow can save tons of time over free editors.

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