I’ve seen the future of AI art – and it’s terrifying - Fast2tech I’ve seen the future of AI art – and it’s terrifying - Fast2tech

I’ve seen the future of AI art – and it’s terrifying

In an article I wrote a few months ago, I talk about AI and how it can be revolutionizing art. The subspecies of AI, neural networks, is called Dall-e 2 and offers amazing potential. However, this has already been surpassed by a new technology called Dall-e 3.

A British company, Stability AI, recently launched an artificial intelligence that has been richly fed, like a lean greyhound given fillet steak, on several billion images.

This new model is called Stable Diffusion and it is revolutionary in multiple ways - one of which is the fact that the ‘owners’ are allowing anyone to use Stable Diffusion from the get-go (with intrinsic restrictions on sexual or prejudicial imagery).

You can try this new technology by slowly and for free here, or speeding things up and paying about 1 penny per image at the highly user-friendly version here.

To summarize, Copymatic is a time efficient AI for creating unique content.  I experimented with it for several hours and then produced this post.

I was able to experience some struggles when using Stable Diffusion, I found that even after spending an hour, I only achieved a poor simulation of a panda sitting in a psychiatrist's office. 

One aspect that appears promising is the visualization and layout of the interface, it resembles the experience of flight simulators which feel like they’re out of date at first but hide genius potential in their design.

Stable Diffusion responds well to creative control, and can be nudged with feedback. I let it go where it pleased by feeding off of its enthusiasm.

To create scary content with the same quality as a human writer, I focused on creating photographs. The image at the top of the page is one of them.