Fifa WorldCup 2022

A deal has been made about the IMC until 2024. As of then, nothing has been decided, and FIFA is hearing

and will continue to hear over the next few months - from all the important people, including fans

about how to improve the schedule for each IMC men's, women's, and youth competition.

Arsène Wenger is the Chief of Global Football Development for FIFA.

He is in charge of a process that includes an analysis of football development around the world.

The goal is to give every possible talent on the planet a better chance to shine.

On the IMC, there are a number of current issues that need to be looked at.

These include the growing competitive imbalance, the lack of a mandatory rest period for players

he high number of travels and matches that put the health and well-being of players at risk

and the constant interruption of domestic leagues that makes it hard for clubs to compete.